1. Following players have been selected after KT20 trials at Muzaffarabad & Mirpur
  2. KT20 Trial Reschedule Announcement
  3. KT20 trials at Muzaffarabad Cricket Stadium in full swing
  4. Trials registration has been closed.

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[alc_newslog title=”Player Newslog”][alc_newslog_item item_type=”join” date=”January 7, 2020″]Pro Gamer The Destroy (James Spiegel) has joined the League of Heroes Alchemists team![/alc_newslog_item][alc_newslog_item item_type=”exit” date=”October 22, 2018″]The Destroy (James Spiegel) has left the Xenowatch Clovers team![/alc_newslog_item][alc_newslog_item item_type=”award” date=”April 13, 2018″]The Destroy has won the League of Heroes World Tournament![/alc_newslog_item][/alc_newslog]

Player List

1Vernon WhalbergCardinalsPitcher
2Harriette BauerGuard
3Keith HickmanBullsCenter
4Finn RosettaBullsGoalkeeper
5David SteadCardinalsRight field