1. Following players have been selected after KT20 trials at Muzaffarabad & Mirpur
  2. KT20 Trial Reschedule Announcement
  3. KT20 trials at Muzaffarabad Cricket Stadium in full swing
  4. Trials registration has been closed.


President KPL and KT20

It was a long-time dream for me to play my part in bringing the youth of Azad Jammu and Kashmir in limelight so that they can showcase their talent in front of the world. KT20 is a significant league to bring in reality what Kashmiris have ever dreamt of. It will serve not only as a sport or entertainment podium for people of AJ&K but will give them a chance to enhance their lifestyle as well as to look for future prospects.<br /> What I feel is that KT20 is a platform for the youth to perform and fight for their future in Kashmir Premier League as that will be their route to the global cricket arena. I will encourage the destitute youth of Kashmir that now is the chance for you to go ahead and show your skills to get a lifetime chance towards a brighter, prosperous, and secured future.

CEO KPL and KT20

Kashmir T20 is a league designed to contribute particularly to the youth of Kashmir, setting a stage for them to come up and play their part in developing themselves in a heroic player. We are starting it from grass root level so that no one is left behind, assuring it to be the finest platform for the talented Kashmiris to demonstrate their ability and capacity.<br /> The league will become a national sensation with live broadcast and a chance for local talent to share dressing room with National Heroes. I am optimistic about the event to have a long-lasting impact on the region in terms of sports and a platform for an efficacious prospect.