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About Us

What is Kashmir T20?

Kashmir T20 is a project of the “Kashmir Premier League (Pvt.) Ltd. KT20 will be the first of its kind feeder league to be held in Mirpur and Muzaffarabad, AJ&K with Kashmiri origin representation. Mirpur will host the round matches of KT20 whereas the finals will be played under floodlights at Muzaffarabad stadium.

The KT20 is the utmost step to motivate the young aspirants of Kashmiri origin to try and fulfill their cricket dreams. The main objective of organizing Kashmir T20 is to provide an opportunity to Kashmiri origin players to showcase their cricketing talent to the world. Additionally, Kashmir T20 will provide an opportunity for KPL franchises to identify talented Kashmiri origin cricketers to be later drafted by KPL franchises.


Each squad must be comprehended on the following structure:

  • Each squad will be comprised maximum of 16 players
  • Each squad will include a minimum of 4 under 19 Kashmiri players
  • Each squad will include 2 under -19 players in playing 11
  • Each team will have an option to pick 1 Non-Kashmiri player, who must have played in Pakistan Domestic Cricket within the past two years.


Cricket has eternally been known to be a team game. Notwithstanding the magnitude of a game, effort must come in from all quarters of the team to be able to touch victory. The supporting staff ensures that their off-field duties enable the layers to remain right on their A-game on the field. Hence, each team of KT20 will be led by the following supporting staff.

  • Head Coach
  • Assistant Coach
  • Analyst
  • Trainer
  • Physio / Masseuse


The selection process itself is a great learning process for budding cricketers. Trials will be held in Muzaffarabad and Mirpur providing an opportunity to everyone so that no ambiguity is left in selection criteria. A panel of independent selectors will select a squad of 16 players (15 Kashmiri players and 1 non-Kashmiri player) for 6 teams. Players with outstanding performance in KT20 will be added to the drafting process of KPL.